Metallic noise from transmission

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Anyone else got this? When the windows are down driving past other cars or a wall, usually at slow speeds (eg in a car park) I can sometimes hear this metallic noise like coins rattling in a tin can. It’s also more noticeable on speed bumps or bumpy road.

It’s not very loud, but irritating as it just seems odd.

I took it to the dealer who tested it overnight, they could hear the noise but compared it to another Taigo which also made the exact same noise, so they are claiming it’s characteristic of the model.

Anyone on here get this?

It’s the 1.5 DSG, 2022

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Post by ioweddie »

No Noise on mine but it is a 1.0 not a 1.5...Take it to another main dealer for a 2nd opinion
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Post by freejam »

No problems on my 1 litre 110 hp. Could be loose baffles in the exhaust box. There are so very few Taigos on UK roads it's hard to compare with other users. I did meet another one in my local Aldi we had a long chat - first one I'd seen in 6 months of ownership - the rectangular hole in the tailgate plastic liner had been bothering me. The other owner was very knowledgeable seems it's there for an old style warning triangle - now illegal in EU.
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My March 2022 Taigo came fitted with the warning triangle in the compartment on the tailgate, saved me having to buy one when holidaying in France. Not sure, as I don't know any other Taigo owners, if this was standard at the time or if it now comes as an optional extra. Perhaps I was lucky that a Spanish worker put one in the tailgate believing the car was going to the EU.
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Post by Mmomberg »

I have a 2023 model and reported the issue on my 30000km service…no issue as per VW

It got worse now and still the feedback from VW is its “normal”

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