Strong diagonal crosswind causing strange noise

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Has anybody ever come across a strong diagonal strong wind (coming at approx. 45° either from the left or right handside) while driving that causes a strange (whistling) noise in the interior of the car ?
Somehow it does not occur when the wind comes across at right angle or head on, maybe due to the excellent aerodynamic of the design, even the water droplets on the bonnet don't get blasted while driving until a side/cross wind blow them off.

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Can't say I've noticed it. Probably aerodynamics. Mind you I don't have roof bars as have a full sun roof.
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My Taigo R line has the roof bars but can't say there is any noticeable increase in wind noise when coming from a 45 degree angle. In fact in wind from any direction the car is remarkably quiet compare to other cars I've previously owned. Sounds like a door seal or bonnet seal issue or something similar.
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